Michael Allen Lowe
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"Dido in Cyprus"  71" x 71" Oil on Canvas

This work began as a free copy of Hans von
Ancient Chariot with a Pair of Horses and
Several Female Figures
, mid-19th century.  Unlike
the original drawing, Lowe has delivered a
transparent view through the voluminous masses,
revealing the anatomy of the work and previously
hidden figurative elements such as the chariot and
charioteer.  Using live models, the original
proportion, scaling, and foreshortening, problems
have been corrected.  Lowe references a nymph
from Boucher’s Mercury Confiding Bacchus to the Nymphs, c.1733, to portray Dido,
and has incorporated decorative painting elements indicative of Gustav Klimt
portraiture.  Lowe’s scene depicts Dido, Queen and founder of Carthage, upon her
arrival in Cyprus, witnessing her soldiers being propositioned on the shore.

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