Michael Allen Lowe
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"Feeding of the Phrygians"  54" x 42" Oil on Canvas

This work was formulated around an unresolved
painting of two female figures by Pierre-Paul Prud’
hon titled
L’Abundance, c.1812-20.  Lowe has
painted these central female figures encumbered
by breastfeeding Phrygians, referenced from Van
Drunken Silenus, c.1620.  The Phrygians, in
turn, are being fed to the flesh-eating horses of
Diomedes, originally portrayed attacking a nude
Hercules in Fuseli’s illustration, c.1800-05.  The
abundant produce and sustenance flowing from the cornucopia in Prud’hon’s
original work has been replaced by Lowe with a ravenous horde of man and
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