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"Hylas in the Depths"  68" x 47.75" Oil on Canvas

Behold, Lowe's sadistic and erotic portrayal of Hylas in an
abyss of perverse and undulating creatures.  The Greek myth
of Hylas tells of a soldier, who, while retrieving water for his
fellow warriors, witnessed appear the immortal water nymphs
out beyond the shore.  Overcome with desire at the sight of
the naiade creatures, Hylas was lured into the waters and
subsequently drowned.  Lowe recreated
Hylas and the
by Francesco Furini, c.1632, and fleshed-out a
portion of one of the nymphs to allow the seductive painting
style to so entrance the viewer in a similar fashion.  Set against the backdrop of
Gathering of Witches, c.1799, a favorite of Lowes’, allows the aftermath of the
seduction of Hylas to be interpreted as either eternal bliss or as a purgatorial
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