Michael Allen Lowe
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"Icarus and the Bathers" 42" x 54" Oil on Canvas

Lowe’s work reinvents Fuseli’s drawing
The Fall
of Icarus and Bathing Women
, c.1795.  The
mythical fall, dramatized by Fuseli, has been
further exaggerated by Lowe.  Lowe’s Icarus is a
free copy after an etching of the same name by
Hendrik Goltzius, c.1588.  This anatomically
proportioned figure contrasts the illustratively
painted bathing women.  The fleshed-out Indian page has been referenced from
Anthony Van Dyck’s William Feilding 1st Earl of Denbigh, c.1633-34.  The young
page, originally gesturing to a perched native bird, now directs the viewer’s eye to
the fall.
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