Michael Allen Lowe
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"Illumination of the Drunkards"  48" x 33" Oil on Canvas

The catalyst for this work was a preparatory study for the
etching in Godefroy’s
L‘oeuvre Grave’de Adriaen van
, titled: The Letter (Les Haranguers), c.1667.  The
background characters are a band of artists and
rhetoricians whom believed in love above all things.  Lowe
contrasts this imagery with a nude drunken bar maiden
from Hendrick Terbrugghen’s painting
Unequal Couple, c.
1623.  Lowe’s inclusion of the bar maiden, most likely a
prostitute, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the
synonymous relationship between the terms
artist and
drunkard.  A subject matter Lowe further personalizes by painting himself into
the work as the central candle bearing figure.  The right hand of the bar maiden
is acknowledging the appearance of the artist.  This work appears to be Lowe’s
caricature of the stereotypical romantic life of artists.
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