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"Le Trou Perdu" 60" x 72" Oil on Canvas

The title for this work,
Le Trou Perdu (The Lost
), is comparable in slang with the vulgar shit
, meaning a dirty and unpleasant place.  
This work is a reimagining of Fuseli’s drawing,
he Death of Eriphyle, c.1810, wherein the
Greek mythological Furies are in pursuit of
Eriphyle’s murderous son.  In a
dramatic contrast of this imagery, Lowe has spliced a free copy of William
Bouguereau’s angelic
Sketch of a Young Woman with a urinating female figure.  
Lowe’s painting conveys an exaggerated delineation between the realm of the
gods, represented by the pursuing Furies of conscience, and the mortal world,
represented by nude figures taking refuge in an outhouse.  
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