"Les Agents Provocateur"  54" x 40" Oil on Canvas

This work is Lowe’s response to a nineteenth century Fuseli drawing
Girl Combing Her Hair, Watched by a Young Man (c.1810-20).  
Lowe exaggerates the voyeuristic tension within this original work by
adding more figures and staging a far more titillating scene.  The
young girl combing her hair is replaced with two other figres from a
another Fuseli drawing,
Two Lesbians Looking into a Mirror (c.
1810-20).  A further voyuer has also been added, a fleshed-out male
figure in red period French dress from Antoine Watteau’s
Gilles and
Four Other Other Characters
(c.1719).  Lowe has juxtaposed the
foreground figures to frame the narrative, having been careful not to eclipse the unfurling erotic
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