Michael Allen Lowe
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"Les Animateurs"  42" x 56" Oil on Canvas

This work is a reinterpretation of Fuseli’s drawing
Symplegma (Erotic Scene with a Man and Three
), c.1809-10.  Lowe has held closely to some
of  Fuseli’s original illustrative lines while
obliterating others.  The costume of a sitar playing
musician from Watteau’s
Gathering under a Portico,
The Music Lesson, c.1718-19, has been used by
Lowe to clothe the previously nude prostrate male figure in this ménage à trios.  This
scene has also been interwoven with an ensemble of voyeurs,
Comédiens Italiens
Italian Players) from a drawing by Watteau, c.1717.  Lowe has embellished this erotic
tryst to the point of transforming it into an animated boudoir rumpus, mired by a
gallant party.
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