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"Milk Maids"  71" x 71" Oil on Canvas

This work originated as a free copy of an erotic
lithograph by Achille Deveria, from a private edition
Don Juan in the mid-19th century.  In his work,
Lowe has removed the male figure from the erotic
ménage a trios, and replaced him with yet another
female figure that is also attributable to Deveria,
from an edition of the erotic novel
Gamiani (Two
Nights of Excess
), written by Alfred de Musset.  All
three figures are interacting with a Rubenesque
study of a cow.  The sprawling female bodies are

set against a vibrant color field containing decorative forms indicative of Gustav Klimt
portraiture.  Lowe has orchestrated an amorous scene of intertwined figures that
grossly exaggerates the intrigue and titillation historically associated with the
occupations: maidservant, milkmaid, and wet nurse.
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