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"Monument du Costume" 63" x 96" Oil on Canvas

This work was inspired by a Jean Michel Moreau
La Déclaration de la Grossesse
Disclosure of Pregnancy), c.1775, an illustration
for the
Suite d'estampes pour servir à  l'Histoire des
Moeurs et du Costume Des francois dans le XVIIIe
(The Monument du Costume), originally
published in 1775.  Lowe has referenced several fragments of this drawing: the
reticule and fire screen, the decorative table and chairs, and two of the figures who
presumably represent the physician and grandmother-to-be.  The physician’s
clothes have been fleshed-out in the manner of John Singer Sargent, resembling a
costume of the artist’s
Portrait of Carolus-Duran, c.1879.  Lowe has replaced the
expectant mother with an embracing nude couple after Fuseli’s
Adam and Eve, c.
1799.  The backdrop for this scene echoes the hellish, surrealistic landscape
The Temptation of St Anthony by Jacques Callot, c.1617.  Lowe has painted
over Callot’s cavernous Hell-scape with an ethereal, almost heavenly environment
for this 18th century 'annunciation', allowing only the red dragon to remain.  
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