Michael Allen Lowe
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“Social Graces”  39" x 32" Oil on Canvas

This work began as a study of an Ingres drawing
Embracing Couple, c.1719.  Lowe has used this
drawing as the figurative backdrop for his work.  
The central female figure, originally depicted
recoiling from a suitor’s advances, has been taken
from Antoine Watteau’s
Gathering near a
, c.1720.  The figure’s lower torso has
been left monochromatic and unresolved as in a
study of a seated female nude.  The small conflict
<--- previous
between background characters in Watteau’s original grand scene has been
brought center stage in Lowe’s work.  Lowe has painted a caricature of the
debutante’s social responsibilities, portraying them as lust filled assaults.