Michael Allen Lowe
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"Sketch Book Study II" 36" x 24" Oil on Canvas

The artist (Michael Allen Lowe) is attempting to emulate or
resonate the same information as a renaissance
sketchbook page.  Having traveled to Europe and seen first
hand the many original master sketch-book pages from the
time, it is apparent that Lowe’s inspiration was clearly
invested in Master Drawings.  He was specifically inspired
by the drawings of Michelangelo, Raphael, and De Vinci.  
Lowe felt these individual pages of studies (many of them
two sided) had as much resonance and visual impact as the
<--- previous
well-known paintings of the time.  Clearly, as evident in the two studies of
Lowe, the artist is capturing some quality of these master studies in a painterly
way.  The compositions and drastic scaling differences are indicative of the
Master Sketches, but are contemporary originals of the artist.